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Coding Projects: 


IXL is used for both Reading/Language Arts and Math. This program is tied into the state standards, so it reinforces what students should know by grade level.

Typing Pal:

Accelerated Reader:  Allows students to take a reading comprehension test on just about any book that was ever written.

Khan Academy:

GA is using Khan Academy as part of an archdiocesan wide pilot for 4th & 5th grade teachers. It ties in practice of math skills to the MAP testing that we do three times a year. This way, teachers can assign lessons that target the student’s areas of study that need improvement.

Mappers (within Khan Acaemy): (Note: Teacher has to enter percentiles from the most recent MAP Math test for each student.)


This site is games/puzzles used to focus on number patterns.  Kenken takes the number rules of suduko up one notch, where students can still only use each of the digits in the rows and columns one time, but now have to make sure to follow some number operations as well.

Middle School Social Studies books

Middle School Language Arts textbook

Reading practice

Language Arts skills

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