I feel confident each day I send my children to GA knowing they will be well-prepared, loved and taught about God’s sacramental truths.

– Mary Ann Christ

If you have ever wondered if sending your children to GA was a possibility, please know that it is and do yourself and your children a favor and check out what GA has to offer.

– Brenda Buckley-Jones

I love watching who my kids have become. They have not just grown spiritually, academically and socially, but have made me and Matt better people, parents and friends. I credit that to the family volunteers and every staff member. I praise the “Whole Community” that we are!

– Tedie and Matt Fahey

In a time where you can pick the best school for your kids why not pick a school that offers the best education surrounded by teachers, staff and students who care about each other and where they’re headed next?

– Maria Tracy

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